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Tablo Clean Hand Bundle




Infinite Bottle: The last hand soap bottle that you will ever buy. We design our hand soap bottle to last forever, no need to get a new one. The bottles are made from double wall glass to ensure no breakage during transit. The pump is made from an aluminum pump.

Hand Soap Refill: Tablo foaming hand soap refill comes in a small concentrated tablet. No harsh chemicals and irritants, our product is safe for everyone to use. Just add water and it will turn into your new favorite liquid hand soap, ready to be used.

Not only does it cleanse your hands from germs and bacteria, but it also moisturizes your hands.

Each 8 grams of tablet are 200x smaller and 90 times lighter than liquid hand soap and makes 350ml of Foaming Hand Soap and lasts 6 weeks on average with frequent usage

With Tablo, you’ll save around…

36 single-use plastic and refill bottles each year
4 kg of carbon emission per tablet

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Weight 30 g

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